Quarantine yourself, not your charity

Siddiqah Foundation is fundraising to support vulnerable communities who are affected by COVID-19 in Nigeria i.e., elderly citizens, low-income families, single mothers, immobile and underprivileged communities.

In light of the current pandemic, there would definitely be more people in need especially as lock down is being observed in several places.

We plan on running a door to door delivery for our relief packs

Our COVID-19 Relief packs ought to start going out from Thursday next week so your help in spreading the word and sharing our links would go a long way to supporting less privileged families. We plan to distribute at least 300 COVID-19 relief packs.

Each COVID-19 Relief pack costs 10,000 naira ( $28)

We are also getting ready of our Siddiqah Ramadhan projects which consists of Siddiqah Ramadhan Relief Packs and Siddiqah Ramadhan Feeding Scheme


We hope to distribute at least 1500 Relief packs in Ramadhan as well as distribute 35,000 meals.

Each Relief pack for a family for Ramadhan costs 20,000 naira ($56)

You can send your support directly to Siddiqah | Stanbic ibtc| 0015221192

Or click on the links for the campaign-

 COVID19 (https://www.launchgood.com/NigeriaCOVID-19)




For enquiries, please send a WhatsApp message to +2348091839097



Thank you for your support and donations

Kindly share with your contacts

With Love,


The Siddiqah Team