October 8, 2023

Sunday and Kamal sit to discuss the challenges they’d been facing on the home front

Sunday: Na wa o, I didn’t realize how much it would cost to get treatment for diabetes until my father’s health declined and we found out it was diabetes

Kamal: Subhaanallaah! May God grant him good health. Caring for one’s health when the illness is present is harder. Prevention is always better.

Sunday: The funny part is my father used to say he was sticking to alcohol because it was kess sugary, it turns out he was wrong all along. I’m beginning to rethink my lifestyle choices.


NCDs (non communicable diseases) are on the rise and many are dying from these conditions.

Prevention is always better which is why SIDDIQAH strives to support with this Summit yearly.

Speakers are from around Africa and they would be touching on these topics so we are empowered to make better choices.

All funds from the ticket sales goes towards supporting downtrodden families and disadvantaged people.

Come learn and support the Siddiqah work as we continue to bring hope to people experiencing difficulty.

To book a ticket, send payment to;

Siddiqah | STANBIC | 0015221192 and please send payment evidence to Mayowa on +2347048693441

If you’d like to sponsor tickets or sponsor the Summit, you could send a WhatsApp message to +2348175525908

Kindly help spread the message.

Together we can make the world a better place to live in for all

Love and Hope,
Siddiqah Love ????