Siddiqah Ramadan Project 2024

Our work so far

Almost 4,000 families have been supported over the last 10 years. Our ‘My Street Kitchen’ project, a project under the outreach arm of Siddiqah, has also distributed over 300,000 meals across Nigeria.

In 2022, over 21,627 meals were distributed during our Ramadhan project, and over 24,822 meals were distributed in total all through the year across 15 states in Nigeria; while over 625 relief packs were distributed to Families in need.

A part of our mission as a foundation is to create means of livelihood for people by alleviating poverty. To this end, we were able to empower over 165 people with soft skills and give over 150 children educational support through our Street Kitchen Program.

Over 3 million Naira (9,000 CAD) grants were distributed to families in distress, and 2 million naira (6,000 CAD) distributed for business loans.

Siddiqah Ramadhan project is an annual event that feeds the needy through Ramadhan, alongside distributing relief packs that would help them sustain their families throughout the Holy Month. During the recent pandemic (2020), the need to serve humanity increased because of the challenges faced by communities. Siddiqah Foundation executes Ramadhan Project through Ramadhan Daily Feeding, Relief Packs, and Eid meals.

We need your Support

We would like to have you on board this project with us as one of our executing partner organizations. And as such, would be undertaking the following functions:

  • Access and communicate risks associated with carrying out the Ramadhan project in Canada.
  • Collaborate with Siddiqah Foundation in developing strategies to source for funds from potential donors.
  • Oversee the execution of the Ramadhan project in Canada.
  • Work with local media houses to ensure the project receives maximum publicity.
  • Assist in post-project assessment to ascertain success rate of the Ramadhan project in Canada.

We look forward to hearing from you.
For more enquiries email: info@siddiqahfoundation,org

About Siddiqah
SIDDQAH is a holistic personal and community development organization built to make a huge impact in the lives of people and communities across the world.

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