Siddiqah Ramadan Projects (SRP)

There is an annual feeding scheme that is run by SIDDIQAH during the month of Ramadhan (the Islamic month for fasting). The scheme is divided into two, the Daily Feeding Scheme (SIDDIQAH Ramadhan Feeding Scheme) and Ramadhan Relief Packs (SIDDIQAH Ramadhan Relief packs). This scheme has been running consistently for 5 years.

In 2014, we started the Ramadhan feeding programme and we were able to feed two hundred and fifty (250) people and we distributed fifteen (15) family packs to feed the families for a month in the holy month of Ramadan. In 2015, we were able to feed more people compared to the previous years, the numbers went up more than 300% and we were able to feed eight hundred (800) people and we distributed thirty-five (35) family relief pack.

In 2016, the number went up more than a 100% with a figure of one thousand nine hundred (1,900) people being fed and sixty-five (65) family relief packs were distributed. In 2017, the figure of people that were fed in the month of Ramadhan went up to ten thousand people (10,000) which was more than 500% increase and two hundred and thirty-five (235) families were handed family relief packs during the month.

In 2018, the figure of those fed on a daily basis went up to twenty seven thousand and fifty nine (27,059) which is more than 200% compared to the previous year and one thousand one hundred and twenty (1,120) families were handed the family relief pack.

The goal in sha Allah is for us to expand the reach of the Ramadhan project to more locations and more families. For 2019 we project to feed 35,000 people and give 1,500 family relief packs.

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