We can not fight hunger in our community without the help of

our partners.

At Siddiqah Foundation, we value the relationship a good partnership presents and the positive social impact it creates for our beneficiaries and the community as a whole. Where we share common values with corporate organisations, we are willing to go into impactful social partnerships with them.

To this end, partnerships are welcome from well-meaning ogranisations in the following areas:

  • Donor partners for our Ramadhan Feeding project where they can donate money to purchase food items or donate food items to the Foundation which will be prepared and distributed to less privileged Muslims fasting in the month of Ramadhan.
  • Sponsorship partners for the Kick to Feed programme. We are seeking sponsorships from organisations that can provide the various participating teams with sporting kits and trophies.
  • Bake and Henna for charity. Partnerships with bakers/confectioners are welcome and they get a percentage of the proceeds of sale.
  • Stay Alive Initiative/Project. Sponsor partnerships are welcome from corporate organisations that are willing to partner with us in purchasing materials for and printing stickers to be pasted on trucks. The names of such organisations will be printed on the stickers along with that of Siddiqah Foundation.
  • Empowerment programmes where beneficiaries selected by the Foundation from its outreach programmes are accepted by our partner businesses/companies as interns for a period of 3 to 6 months after which they learn enough to establish their own trade/businesses.
  • Foodbank projects in which the food manufacturing companies supply the Foundation with food items which are kept in food banks scattered around the country and are accessible to beneficiaries who can easily access such food items using a special code.

The Foundation is however available to discuss other partnership opportunities that are open to it as the list above is not exhaustive. Well-meaning organizations who wish to partner with us may do so by contacting us through our listed phone numbers or by sending an email to info@siddiqahfoundation.org

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