Street Kitchen

What happens to the needy after the Islamic month of Ramadhan? This question gave birth to SIDDIQAH STREET KITCHEN in January, 2017.

SIDDIQAH Street Kitchen is a mobile street kitchen, moving from slums to slums feeding the less privilege regardless of religion, tribe or race and we hope to unite people through feeding and that’s why our watch word is ‘more than just a plate’.

First Edition

The initiative started early this year, the first episode which took place in IDI-ARABA, on the 21st, January 2017, with hash tag; #Lunch4IDI-ARABA, a total 971 people was fed and given clothing and shoes. The event was held in Garuba Musa Street and we experience true community participation and this inspired the title of this street kitchen episode; A City with a Heart of Difference, despite living in poverty, the care and look after the residents of this area had for each other was indeed motivating and as such a lesson was learnt.

Second Edition

The mobile street kitchen moved to ONIRU as the next location, with hash tag; #iFeedONIRU and a total of 1970 people was fed and given clothing and shoes. The events was held in Ghetto Community, which is also referred to as Block Village, due to the high number of brick or block producing industry in the area and constitute mostly Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) FROM Borno State due to Boko Haram crisis. What inspired street kitchen  in this area, was the fact that the gated and fenced community was in fact at the center of rich and well facilitated community of Oniru; back yard of the rich. This inspired the topic of this street kitchen 2.0 episode; The City with Two Hearts.

Third Edition

AGEGE was the location and the hash tag was March4AGEGE. A total of 2814 benefitted from the outreach; food, clothing and shoes. Locating the third edition was indeed a big challenge. After touring nearly all parts of Agege (the 3.0 edition of street kitchen location), Shiaba Street, was selected. This was also close to Ojurin Area of Agege, Lagos; a place inhabited by mostly beggars and less fortunate. The topic of this street kitchen episode was titled as an, ‘An Untold Narration’; during our outreach day, we heard the unheard stories of the beggars of Ojurin Area. It was reported that the food distributed during the outreach is been reprocessed (meaning: sun drying cooked rice) and then repacked. This repacked food and clothing’s are sent to their family members still living in the Northern part of Nigeria. This support the known fact of the poor standard of living condition in the North and impact the Boko Haram crisis has resulted to.

Fourth Edition

This location was known for his notorious stories and famously home of street hustlers. AJEGUNLE was also indeed inspiring. In the 4.0 edition of the mobile street kitchen at Tunkarimu Street in Ajegunle, we witnessed children from an informal school having the inter-house sports competition being organized on an open dump area. People carrying out there regular day to day activities like cooking, selling and relaxation in houses flooded by canal, breeding mosquitoes; strong and healthy. This inspired the title of the 4.0 episode of the street kitchen event, ‘Home of the Steel-Man’. The hash tag, ‘#StandUp4AJEGUNLE’ and we fed and distrusted clothing and shoes for 2634 people.

Fifth Edition

Originally was proposed to hold in IYANA-IPAJA, Lagos state. The located slum community was inaccessible and as such we located the nearest community; Okerugbe-Abaranje, Ikotun /Iyana-Ipaja. And the hash tag was #RevampingIYANA-IPAJA and we successfully fed 1706 people and shared gifts among them. The title of the 5.0 episode was, ‘Everything New but Old’; the event was held at ILE-EJA junction, which can be literally mean, ‘House of Fish’. Ironically, it means otherwise, it means ‘House of India Hemp’. This area constitutes the lawless people and yet children grow within. The question of what happens to the future of this children is questionable.

About Siddiqah
SIDDQAH is a holistic personal and community development organization built to make a huge impact in the lives of people and communities across the world.

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