This is a bake off sale events, where bakers are invited to come and sale of their products and henna artists are also invited to render their artistic body painting service. A certain percentage of sales made (50%, 75% or 100%) is donated by the bakers and henna artist to the cause.

Everyone loves baked food and we can easily generate funds by its sales. The event host series of bakers from all sectors of the economy. We invite them to make sales at a specific venue and date; and money generated from the sales is donated to Siddiqah Foundation to carry out its projects.


Henna is a traditional body art painting, mostly practiced by the Hausas in Nigeria. This body beautification is no doubt exceptional with its wondrous patterns anyone would love to have some on their body.

SIDDIQAH hosts HENNA artist for people to patronize on the event day (usually held on same and same venue as the bake for charity event). An agreed percentage of sales made is donated to SIDDIQAH for its projects.

All donations by Henna artists and bakers is at an agreed percentage, which could either be 50%, 75% or 100% donations. The event is planned to hold annually.

Key Activities for the Bake and Henna for Charity event

  • Sale of Cake
  • Face Painting
  • Henna Painting
  • Games
  • SIDDIQAH Outreach Events Presentation
  • Bakers Showcase
  • Nasheed
  • Spoken words and Islamic Poetry

The Foundation is however available to discuss other partnership opportunities that are open to it as the list above is not exhaustive. Well-meaning organizations who wish to partner with us may do so by contacting us through our listed phone numbers or by sending an email to

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